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The Unofficial Fraternity of Hockey

On January 23, 2010, my life changed immeasurably when I hit the boards head-first while chasing a loose puck during a high school hockey game. Nothing could be more terrifying than lying face down on the frozen surface beneath me without the ability to move a muscle. My brain attempted … read more

WCVB – 5 for Good: Former Norwood High School hockey player inspires others to never quit

Erika Tantal of WCVB 5 interviewed Matt about his journey to recovery and the process of putting his story into print in Line Change. 

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CLNS Media Network – 139: Matt Brown | His inspirational story | New book ‘Line Change’ out now

Jimmy Murphy of Bruins Beat interviews Matt about his story, the support of the Boston Bruins, and what he hopes to accomplish with Line Change. 

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